On Cohost

A couple weeks ago, I noticed I had gotten posting rights on Cohost.

It’s a microblogging site from a worker-owned cooperative.

But it’s sort of what you’d get if Twitter and Tumblr had a baby and named MySpace as godparent. You can microblog and also have Tumblr-esque threads. But the biggest draw for me is the full power of CSS in your posts.

For example: here’s a silly post I made about a fake SCP.

I’m enjoying making weird posts like that. I don’t know if anybody actually reads them, but it gives me a reason to learn some new CSS tricks. The only image in that post is the bear — which is an embedded SVG I swiped and applied that animation to.

I’d like to give that post another shot and have the bear wink instead of pulse. I think that would be more appropriate.

But it’s super funny that I have a toolchain for building posts. It’s like I’m shitposting with webpack.

I think Cohost got some shit for their name when everybody rushed to sign up? The “cohost” was taken to mean co-hosting kinda like the fediverse and people were a bit upset about that, I guess? I dunno.

The folks building it are called the Anti-software Software Club. They are very good:

we are anti software software club. we are a software company that hates the software industry.

assc manifesto, part 1: antisoftware action

Anyways, I will probably abandon Twitter at some point in the future, so I’m trying to diversify what other sites I use. I’m just as guilty as having collapsed all my internet usage into “I visit the same four websites every day and nothing else” as the rest of you, and I am trying to correct that.

The contact page has been updated with both my Cohost profile and my Guild Wars 2 friend code. I’ll continue to add more places to find me!