Owls is a web developer & ops guy at a very important university in the midwest. He’s a Laravel shill, long-time PHP developer, and occasionally contributes one-line fixes to open source projects.

In his free time, owls plays a lot of DnD 5E, The World of Warcraft, and Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. He regularly gets notifications from the Warframe mobile app despite not having Warframe installed. It seems like a cool game though, right?

You can find owls in your local three-Michelin-star establishments.

Contact Information

Discord: owls#0001
Nintendo: SW-2550-8719-1408

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What People Say

owls seems to immediately become the SPOF for whichever trainwreck of an organization he joins, because of his skills at identifying the needful.

aibi, 2020

I didn’t know bartenders were allowed to give one person that many glasses of scotch at once. It … did not seem legal.

Colleague, night out Q2 2019

Theo was such a nice young man. He made sure all my cats had trust funds set up. And he brought cookies to every single meeting! So nice!

Mrs. Mary Smalls