Geek Grind Coffee’s Goblin Gulp

In one of my DnD campaigns, our mascot is a goblin we adopted early on. He’s a big fan of coffee, so on a lark, I google image searched “goblin coffee” for something funny to put in a scheduling email. I was surprised to find officially-licensed Pathfinder coffee offered by Geek Grind Coffee. I immediately…More

Bootstrap vs. Tailwind

People occasionally get into slap-fights over the tried-and-true Bootstrap vs. newer CSS frameworks like Tailwind. I’ve worked with both — and each one has a place in the toolkit. Maybe not your individual toolkit, depending on what your job requires, but at $UNIVERSITY there was a place for both. Do I need a CSS framework?…More

Quarantine Omakase at Kyōten

Chicago omakase restaurant Kyōten is doing private dining right now, so you get the whole place to yourself. Having considerable events to catch up on celebrating, we decided to go for it, being the safest dining-out option you can find. When you do omakase, you can usually talk to the chef. I’ve always felt bad…More

The UI Trap in Microsoft Teams

I have moved orgs and no longer live in Microsoft’s Slack competitor, Teams. So before I forget the frustration, I wanted to write up the severe, crippling flaw in Teams’ UI. Here’s a screenshot. Note the leftmost sidebar: a “chat” tab, and then a separate “teams” tab: “Teams” is the chatroom function, whereas “chat” are…More

On the Language of Job Posts

One of the articles in this week’s Diversify Tech newsletter was interesting: Not Applicable: What Your Job Post is Really Saying. The whole post is great, and you should read it. Here’s what really struck me: I recently had the opportunity to participate in the recruiting process for early- and mid-career developers at my company.…More

Adding stubs to your Laravel project

The project that I am currently working on is primarily not using Eloquent — instead, I’m using a JSON:API item class from a package, spiced up with some additional code I’ve mixed in. I’m making lots of these models, so I did a quick source-dive into the framework to figure out how the make:something commands…More

Starting a new Laravel app

I’ve started working on a new Laravel app. That isn’t uncommon, but it is a good opportunity for some blogging! I wanted to do more restaurant reviews — but the world has other ideas — so here’s some thoughts on how I’m setting the new app up instead. Oracle The database is unusual for this…More

Colectivo’s Java Ciparay

Colectivo is hands-down my favorite coffee shop. Even before they opened a location in town, we were buying their beans at the grocery store. I picked up a bag of their seasonal Java Ciparay for the weekend. I had not tried this blend yet. The beans were roasted and packaged the day before I bought…More

Starquake Recipe

Way back in 2017, I was playing Starfinder and actively listening to Cosmic Crit. They ran a fan challenge: submit a Starfinder-themed cocktail recipe. Naturally, I entered. The cocktail is themed to the solarian: warrior-monks who channel stellar power to lay the smackdown on baddies. All solarians are accompanied by a stellar mote. The mote…More


We visited Passerotto last week. This is the second time we’ve been. It’s a unique restaurant: Korean meets Italian. The Korean aspects are the most prominent, but you get amazing dishes like their lamb ragu with shaved parm & basil over rice cakes. The menu had changed a little since our first visit. They offer…More