Why Laravel Vapor was Right for Me

I’ve been watching Jack Ellis talk about his upcoming Vapor course over the last week. I’ve seen a lot of folks curious if Vapor/AWS was worth the money and if it was right for them. We had a use case for Vapor and adopted it at the office as soon as they started selling it. It was…More

Extracting Jenkins Credentials for Use in Another Place

I support a bunch of Jenkins servers for CI/CD. One of the things we wanted to do was stuff all our credentials into Jenkins so devs could manage them there instead of giving them rights in the AWS console to set secrets in SSM parameter store. On its face, this might sound kinda crazy: the…More

Using Amazon SES with Laravel Vapor

If you are deploying your Laravel apps with Vapor, you might want to use Amazon SES as your mail driver. There are two set-up steps for SES itself: Set your domain up with appropriate SPF/DKIM/DMARC records so Amazon & email recipients know everything is on the up-and-up Ask Amazon to take your AWS account out of the SES sandbox (aka email jail)…More