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We visited Passerotto last week. This is the second time we’ve been. It’s a unique restaurant: Korean meets Italian. The Korean aspects are the most prominent, but you get amazing dishes like their lamb ragu with shaved parm & basil over rice cakes.

The menu had changed a little since our first visit. They offer smaller plates, so just like before, we ordered about 2/3rds of the menu.

The cocktail was a whiskey sour with a ton of flourishes. It came out egg-yolk yellow and looked like it would be thick like an eggnog — but no, very light and refreshing! The colour came from a saffron liqueur, and it was sweetened further with a pine nut orgeat.

One item not pictured were the manicotti egg rolls. I was expecting something crispy, but they were pillowy. I don’t think they were even pasta — you could scoop sections up with a spoon. It tasted pleasant but nondescript.

The pork was OK. It had a nice char, but it wasn’t anything special.