Ayeron of the Mourning

Ayeron materialized from the mists of the Mournland on 20 Olarune 995 YK, exactly one year after the Day of Mourning. They emerged nearly as they are found today: fully grown, wearing the trench coat of a Cyrian officer, able to speak several languages, and without a single memory from before that moment. They are…More

Thanksgiving 2022 Menu

I’m writing down some notes on the menu for Thanksgiving 2022. I know a couple people would like to see what I’m doing, so I figured I’d post it here! The plan is to do a “slow burn” throughout the day and eat one part of the meal at a time. Some of the stuff…More

Really Simple Syndication

As part of an effort to stop relying on a couple big platforms for Everything I do on the web, I’ve been returning to some tools from the era Before. Back around 2006, I most stuff I read was pushed to me from a huge variety of sites and aggregated together in an RSS client.…More

On Cohost

A couple weeks ago, I noticed I had gotten posting rights on Cohost. It’s a microblogging site from a worker-owned cooperative. But it’s sort of what you’d get if Twitter and Tumblr had a baby and named MySpace as godparent. You can microblog and also have Tumblr-esque threads. But the biggest draw for me is…More

Instantiating an Abstract Class with Dependency Injection

In my Laravel app, I wrote an abstract class that has a fair bit of stand-alone behaviour. I wanted to test this directly instead of via the implementations. PHP has anonymous classes, so instantiating it isn’t very tricky to do in a unit test. But the constructor also has about a dozen dependencies its asking…More

Garrick the Lightbringer

This is a short story from our current Dungeons & Dragons campaign. This is the moment when my warlock greedily took up an artifact after passing its guardian’s trial.

Garrick loved leaning on borrowed power. In this instance, the power he sought to take took him instead.More

Wake up your RDS Aurora Serverless before running your migrations

When you’re using an RDS Aurora Serverless DB instance with Laravel Vapor, you have the option to scale it down to zero capacity units when it’s been idle. This is great for development environments — it only takes a few seconds to come back up, and while it’s hibernating, you’re saving loads of money. One…More

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

Torghast, the Tower of the Damned, is a rouge-like (ish) set of dungeons in WoW: Shadowlands. I finished the “hard mode” last night and got my Maw horse, so I wanted to write up some of my thoughts on the feature. If you read “rogue-like” and think angband or Caves of Qud: congrats, you’re old…More

FEW Spirits’ Cold-Cut Bourbon

I had somehow missed the release of FEW‘s cold-cut bourbon in 2019. Fortunately, somebody notified me about it last month. I don’t usually go for FEW’s whiskeys — or those from the other Chicago distilleries — for one simple reason: Chicago & Evanston only re-started granting distillery licenses in 2008 and 2011, respectively. They’re new…More

First Thoughts on Baldur’s Gate 3

I started Baldur’s Gate 3 on Tuesday afternoon. This morning, I “completed” the first chapter, which is the end of the story in early access. So here are my thoughts on it so far! Firstly: the timing of the release was great. My Eberron campaign came to an abrupt end last Friday when we accidentally…More