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Colectivo’s Java Ciparay


Colectivo is hands-down my favorite coffee shop. Even before they opened a location in town, we were buying their beans at the grocery store.

I picked up a bag of their seasonal Java Ciparay for the weekend. I had not tried this blend yet. The beans were roasted and packaged the day before I bought them.

Unfortunately, this is just not working for me. I’ve made this in my aeropress and french press, with the same results. The bag describes the flavour profile:

Fans of Sumatran coffees will enjoy our Java Ciparay for its herbal and earthy flavors with notes of pine, cedar, and orange peel.


I’m getting an overwhelming amount of cedar, to the point where it’s just flat. To me, it tastes like a cardboard box smells. A bit of salt can help, but it didn’t have much impact here.

There’s still plenty of beans left, so I am going to try brewing and serving this a few other ways to see if it’ll wake the flavour up.

In other Colectivo news: they’re supposed to have in-app ordering starting this week!

I would normally hit Starbucks in the morning since I didn’t have to talk to anyone. Starbucks’ actual coffee isn’t very good, limiting me to either an americano or something with way more calories than I should be drinking…