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Geek Grind Coffee’s Goblin Gulp


In one of my DnD campaigns, our mascot is a goblin we adopted early on. He’s a big fan of coffee, so on a lark, I google image searched “goblin coffee” for something funny to put in a scheduling email.

I was surprised to find officially-licensed Pathfinder coffee offered by Geek Grind Coffee. I immediately ordered a pound of their Goblin Gulp blend. It turned up two days later.

I’ve already got coffee beans out, so I moved it into a vacuum bag and froze all but one cup’s worth of beans. The bag it arrived in is a nice collector’s item!

I brewed this with my go-to method: inverted aeropress with a little bit of salt added to the grounds. I used my metal filter instead of a paper filter so I’d get The Full Experience, oils and all.

It turned out really well! The mouthfeel was velvety and smooth, just like they claim in the description. I’m not sure if I’ve had another coffee with that kind of body, so it’s unique in that respect. Flavour-wise, I got lots of dark chocolate.

This was an awesome coffee and I look forward to finishing what I’ve got out now so I can have this as my morning cup. I’ll probably restock with the the 5lb bag once I’ve run out. 😁

I didn’t read much about their company — I assumed they were just a board game cafe or something — when I bought it (hash tag impulse purchase), but when I was writing this up I clicked through to their about page. They are actually a fantasy-themed coffee company that operates their own farms in Columbia:

We do not “source” our coffee as most companies do – rather we actually grow it. We harvest by hand from our own farms and the nearby farms of our friends and neighbors. We then immediately dry the coffee beans in the sun right at the mountain farms. Just hours after drying we roast the coffee in small batches then finally package the roasted in special protective packaging that assures freshness before shipping directly to your door.

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So that’s kind of cool.