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An Evening at Oriole


We finally made it to Oriole tonight.

It was excellent. The last image in the gallery includes the wine pairings — and I have to say, their sommelier was on point. I’ve had excellent pairings before, but this was really something special.

The uni, pawn, and lobster trio came with a 2009 Riesling Spätlese from Weingut Hexamer and it was unlike any Riesling I’ve had before. It paired perfectly with all three shellfish and complemented them in different ways.

Similarly: the 2017 Domaine de Montbourgeau L’Etoile Savagnin was unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. It’s difficult to describe. It didn’t so much compliment the flavour of the mushroom custard as change its shape (if that makes any sense).

The 2000 Chateau Brane-Cantenac was also an uncharacteristically light-bodied red wine, which was another delight.

The foie gras toast covered in gold dust was a bit of fun. This is served at a counter in the kitchen while you’re standing up. That makes it a bit more difficult to eat, but that’s intentional: the gold dust goes everywhere. It’s all over your face and hands and the kitchen. I kept looking up and seeing sparkles.

I was a big fan of the dessert eggplant. I’ve certainly never had an eggplant for dessert before.